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Dr Janna Scharfenberg, is the host of the acclaimed German Podcast In Good Health, and epitomises the essence of creative flexibility and entrepreneurial thinking. She’s a trained medical doctor, who after five years of study realised that the classic “fix them once their broken” focus of western medicine didn’t match her desire to empower people about their own health.

In her final year of study she faced her inner fears, threw overboard society’s expectations of what a doctor should be and decided instead to become the type of doctor she wished to – one who focused on health education and prevention.

Today, in addition to her MD, Janna is specialised in Ayurvedic Medicine and Yoga. She’s a doctor, a podcaster, an author, a coach, a workshop leader, a keynote speaker and a mum who built a business around giving you the tools you need to live a healthy, empowered life.

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Take Aways

  • How to listen to yourself and understand when it’s time to change something
  • How to develop the inner courage to make choices and take actions that are against the expectations of others
  • Tips for taking responsibility for your own happiness and life
  • Techniques for slowing down and dealing with the stresses of being a self-employed business owner
  • Ways of dealing with non-constructive, negative feedback

Show Notes

05:00 – Why Janna decided not to follow the traditional Doctor career path
07:07 – The questions she asks herself to understand what she really wants
09:00 – Techniques to develop your own sense of self-worth
14:00 – Ways to stay healthier and relax
24:40 – Methods for slowing down during the workday
32:50 – Janna’s Podcast In Good Health (German speaking)
34:20 – Dealing with negative comments in a public environment
41:40 – Balancing being a mum and a business owner
44:30 – Turning negative experiences into positive lessons for growth
47:03 – Janna’s time management tips

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