It’s only scary if you make it so in your head. Find your inner strength to push through!

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Canadian born performing artist, choreographer, artistic director and Asics Canada ambassador, Monica Gold lives to perform and loves to teach. Having established a dance and fitness company under the brand – Find Your Fierce – Monica has carved a life purpose out of her creative passion – to inspire, empower and motivate people through dance.

With over 5.5 Million views on her YouTube channel, and another 80K followers consuming her IGTV videos and participating in her Instagram dance challenges, Monica leads through example, proving that you can do anything you set your mind to. In her words, “Everything is within your grasp if you gather up a little fierceness and go for it.”

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Take Aways

  • Embracing the unexpected and potentially painful with an open, curious mind
  • The steps behind creating high energy, motivational dance videos
  • The importance of clarity in a personal brand and it’s message
  • How to ask for what you need and get what you want within the creative process
  • How to stay open to new opportunities

Show Notes

04:50 – Practicing what you preach and being authentic
09:00 – The importance of moving through fear
11:34 – Making space for new experiences
14:20 – Dealing with the unexpected – injuries and business changes
19:00 – Working through exhaustion in healthy ways
23:00 – Using Instagram as a journal to share meaningful messages with ourselves and our audience
27:50 – The step-by-step process behind creating YouTube videos that thousands see and share
35:00 – The art of asking for what we need to manifest what we want
41:00 – Monica defining her greatest success in building her dance & fitness company

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