Pay attention to what makes you feel more alive and just do more of that!

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American born intuitive artist Flora Bowley puts the C back in both colour and community. After a decade of making a living from her art but feeling something missing inside, she found her purpose in reawakening people to their creative potential. An author, a workshop host, a retreat leader, with a thriving online business Flora taps into her community’s needs and brings them to life in colourful, creative and inspiring ways. Always evolving and open to change, Flora lives just like she paints, free spirited and present to the full spectrum of experience the moment offers up.

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Take Aways

  • How to make a sustainable living that makes you happy as an artist
  • How to keep in touch with your community in interactive and inspiring ways
  • Finding the balance between creating for your audience’s pain points and your own
  • Important things to consider when creating online courses
  • Learning to recognise and stay open to opportunities that come

Show Notes

4:00 – What it means to be a lifetime artist
10:24 – Seeing your life as a creative process
13:45 – Moving from the struggling artist to the thriving creative entrepreneur
18:30 – The power of online courses
21:56 – The creative process behind making an online course
26:45 – Learning to recognise pain points of your community
31:30 – The power of online learning & social connection
35:12 – Using Facebook & Instagram interactively to grow your community

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