You can do everything just not all at once!

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Amanda Ponzio Mouttaki is a freelance writer, entrepreneur, speaker and face behind the widely loved food, travel and lifestyle blog, MarocMama. Unsatisfied with the corporate world she found herself in, she made the brave decision to quit her day-job and spent the following year focusing solely on building a thriving online business.

Since then she’s won a string of awards including features in CNN International, National Geographic and being a Panel Moderator at New York Times Travel Show. On re-locating her family to Morocco eight years ago she saw a gap in the Moroccan food tourism industry and recognised a consumer need for authentic food and travel experiences. So she went on to found the highly successful Marakesh Food Tours, offering eight unique travel and food tours for those who want to experience the real face Morocco has to offer.

Through her blog, her tour company, her speaking engagements and social media work, Amanda’s deep passion is to give you true travel & cultural experiences that stay with you long after your vacation has finished.

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Take Aways

  • How to get started with an online business
  • How to develop writing chops
  • How to adjust online content to meet the needs of a growing audience
  • The importance of decision making and saying “no” to avoid unnecessary work
  • The necessity of getting “the right” feedback in order to grow

Show Notes

6:00 – Adapting to a new culture
13:10 – Love is letting go of fear
17:16 – Saying no to the system and choosing your life
23:50 – Baby interruption – Amanda owns her role as a lady boss and a mum!
25:30 – Boostrapping a successful Start Up with under $100
35:28 – Blogging real! From majestic hotels to garbage bin
41:00 – How Maroc Mamma became a serious full time blogging career
43:51 – Amanda’s 3 tips for how you can grow your audience as a female blogger!
50:24 – Why it’s hard for women to ask for help
53:17 – Dealing with self-doubt
54:44 – To be successful, you need to be kind

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