Follow your dream and don’t have so much fear in failure, cause in the end what are you going to lose? Follow your heart!

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Founder of the Ganesha Yoga Lounge in the picturesque German city of Heidelberg, Jeanette Luft took a leap of faith and quit her marketing job to follow a service that made her truly happy; teaching yoga. In the face of doubts from everybody around her, she crunched the numbers, got financial support and dug deep to make her wish a reality.

Five years later, Jeanette’s in charge of a thriving business that runs a diverse yoga schedule, workshops, and retreats. She’s also a frequent guest contributor to health & wellness magazines and continually builds the depth of connection with her growing community through her active newsletter network.

Despite the wall of insecurities the world threw at her when she chose to follow her dreams, Jeanette is proof that everything is possible when you have a clear vision, a rational plan, and are willing to put in the work!

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Take Aways

  • How to deal with competition
  • How to tune within & trust yourself despite the doubts from your environment
  • Starting a small business with the necessary facts & preparation
  • Ways to deal with negativity from others
  • How to be a new mom and run a successful business

Show Notes

5:00 – The necessity of developing self-awareness
10:00 – Why Jeanette chose to open her own company
13:00 – Dealing with uncertainty from those around you
16:00 – Moving through fear of action
26:00 – The importance of taking breaks
28:00 – Dealing with competition in business
33:30 – Newsletter software and email marketing
41:40 – Ways to promote your work
46:00 – Understanding how your system works
47:00 – Dealing with negativity from customers
54:10 – Being a new mum and a responsible business owner

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