Be okay with rejection, think about what you can learn about it.

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Writer, photographer and lifestyle connoisseur, Eulanda is a full-time content creator, TEDx speaker and half of the upbeat travel & culture blog, Hey Dip Your Toes In! An advocate for individuality, self-expression and being unapologetically yourself, she’s self taught in all that she does, and teaches us by her example that passion & drive are keys to creating the life we want for ourselves.

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Take Aways

  • The importance of community engagement in brand building
  • Why you should focus your energy on what you like and are able to do
  • How prioritising & consistency are keys to success
  • How to self-motivate & stay inspired
  • Places online where you can learn anything you need to know

Show Notes

5:00 – The challenge going back to university in your 30’s
8:00 – Who is Omo?
19:19 – Starting a blog
27:00 – Tell stories about others
34:00 – How to be you
36:00 – Why art suffers through everything else we need to do
39:30 – The problem of not knowing where to focus your energy
40:00 – Doing things that make your heart sing
43:10 – Coaching others
49:00 – Tips to engage the learning progress

Resources Mentioned

Books: The Fire Starter Sessions

Online Course Learning Platforms: Creative Live & Udemy

People: Danielle La Porte

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