Being a realist helps us to become better dreamers!

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A courageous soul and an avid listener to her own hear, Annie’s yoga nomad journey began four years ago when a break up lead her to develop a minimalistic lifestyle which resulted in her redefining her definition of home. On the hunt for fulfilment she began studying Buddhism, travelling, and teaching yoga periodically at the training locations of friends.

However it was when she finally quit her location independent part time job that a door into her own self-belief and longings opened. She spent the next months teaching herself about business from books and online courses and refined the dream of her heart – to host her own yoga teacher training programs around the world based upon her experience and expression of the power of Yin yoga to transform us.

Now an expert in the ups and downs of online business and event creation, Annie shows us that everything you want starts and ends with you and that by becoming clear about who we are, what we want and how we can share this with the world, everything we want to create is possible.

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Take Aways

  • The benefits of minimalism
  • How Yin Yoga can change your life
  • Ways to find and connect with your tribe
  • The power of your network
  • Tips for building an online business

Show Notes

2:00 – What is a yoga nomad?
6:49 – How Annie became a nomad
8:00 – The process she went through to create her yin yoga teacher training programs
15:40 – Finding your tribe & spreading the word about your business
19:02 – Why Annie focuses on Yin Yoga
22:45 – Her world view to help her live happier
25:45 – Reality Vs Dreams
30:21 Annie’s 3 biggest tips for getting your online business off of the ground

Connect to Annie

Check out Annie’s latest retreat offerings and read her self-care advice on her website and connect with her on social:

Resources Mentioned

Books: Zero to One & The Mindful Morning Practice

Vlogs & Podcasts: Tom Bilyeu’s Impact Theory Interview with David Goggins & Marie TV

Online Business Training Program: Marie Forleo’s B-School

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