Passion is our greatest guide!

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A globally travelled, award winning filmmaker, Gauri Chadha epitomises the true artist. Throwing herself passionately into her creative endeavours, she seeks to continually deliver the cinematic truth behind every topic she tackles. Never one to shy away from the uncomfortable or controversial, she jumps into her art head on regardless of the consequences – from being on the ground after the Mumbai bombings, to visiting the Indian village women who are paid to be surrogates for foreigners – she is determined to capture the emotional essence of her topics in order to tell their story as purely as possible, without judgement.

As self-employed bis babe, who runs two companies in order to fuel her film making passion, she is fuelled by the need to “keep the conversation open” on topics which may otherwise remain hidden. A massive patron of the creative process, with a deep understanding of her own creative needs, she teaches us through her example that we are here to express our unique gifts with the world: What we leave behind as creative souls, is the learning we experience within our journey and how we express this is the legacy we give back to the world.

Take Aways

  • How to tune into and follow your passion
  • How to listen to and trust your own process
  • Dealing with others’ expectations in the face of your art
  • How to embrace conflict as fuel for expression
  • A look into the life of a passionate film-maker

Show Notes

5:53 – How Gauri got into Cinematography
15:31 – What is Cinematic Truth to her
21:01 – How grief has informed Gauri’s art
25:31 – Art’s role in transforming emotion
29:49 – Growth and development as an artist
25:38 – Working to support art
37:12 – Dealing with societies expectations Vs artistic independence
44:45 – How the art finds you
49:02 – Making art with an impact: unearthing the conflict of surrogacy in India & sharing grief at ground zero after the Mumbai bombings

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