Being is a soft, silent part inside all of us.

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Annika Isterling is a highly successful model, yoga-teacher, book author, retreat leader and magazine contributor whose mission in life is to help people connect to themselves and each other through using the principles of yoga. Upon placing 4th in a national German modelling competition at age 18, Annika’s life changed overnight. She was thrust into the spotlight of the international modelling scene and needed to find herself, fast.

That ongoing pursuit lead her into the world of yoga and eventually into herself. It’s this message that she’s now sharing with the world – how can we connect to our innermost self? And from that space, how can we connect to others?

Take Aways

  • A look into the world of modelling
  • How to use Instagram as a tool for connection
  • Being open to opportunities and the creative process
  • How to use social media & newsletters as a promotional tool
  • The creative process of writing and publishing a book

Show Notes

2:43 – Mindfulness Contributor for Emotion Slow
5:30 – Her Journey into The Modelling World
13:30 – Self-Love Vs Self-Comparison in the Modelling World
16:20 – Defining Your Pure You
20:10 – Holding Space
24:23 – Why it’s all about connection
32:50 – Using Instagram to connect to your audience
39:44 – Planning & Promoting Yoga Retreats
48:00 – Being Vulnerable on Social Media
52:00 – Writing a Book from Conception to Publication

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