You are the most precious person in your life, so treat yourself kindly

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An Australian Voice Empowerment Coach, Musician, Author, Mindfulness Practitioner and host of the One Woman Tribe podcast, my passion is to use the voice, sound and mindfulness techniques to guide you towards greater self-awareness & empowerment. All my tools and resources like my music, my online voice courses and meditations are created to enhance your wellbeing and lead you towards greater joy and fulfilment in life.

This year has been a special year of personal self-care and growth for me, in which I gained strong insights and deepened my relationship with myself. It call came about through learning to love myself more!

In this podcast episode I talk about the importance of self-love and share 5 techniques that have helped me transform my life with more ease and joy. These are self-love tips which you can use daily to develop a healthy relationship with yourself. So if you’re wondering what it actually means to practice self-kindness and would like some simple but effective exercises that support you in cultivating self-love, then this episode is perfect for you!

Take Aways

  • What self-love is and why it is so important
  • 5 powerful exercises to create a deep, loving relationship with yourself 
  • How to take responsibility for yourself and create the life you want
  • Tips for a daily self-care routine that can shift your life from one of fear to joy

Show Notes

1:38 – What self-love means

3:45 – Why loving ourselves can be troublesome

5:13 – The possible consequences of lacking self-love

10:46 – Introducing 5 techniques to grow your self-relationship

11:52 – Self-love tip #1: Take responsibility

19:49 – Self-love Tip #2: Plan self-care into your day

22:14 – Self-love Tip #3: Practice gratitude

26:09 – Self-love Tip #4: Treat yourself kindly

28:25 – Self-love Tip #5: Keep your vibe light

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