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Carla Sánchez is a well-known Spanish actress, journalist, yoga teacher, wellness expert, ambassador for Gaia as well as co-founder of The Holistic Concept and the Secret Yoga Club. With her wide range of work, she’s an inspiring example how our diverse qualifications and interests can fuse harmoniously together and thus add a very special value for others.

Growing up as a highly creative child in a holistic environment, Carla started as an actress at age 17 and loved being in front of the camera since then. Her deep interest in health and the challenges of the film industry finally lead her into the world of yoga. Guided by her intuition, she made her way step by step to a popular yoga teacher in Spain with hosting online classes as well giving special yoga events in her home country. As an artistic business owner with a sense for medicine and wellness, Carla’s mission in all her projects is the following: How can I create lasting experiences for people and open new doors for them?    

Take Aways

  • A look into the life of an actress and the mechanisms of film industry
  • The magic of flow and following your intuition
  • Family as a source of personal strength and drive
  • The positive effects of Yoga on your personal and business life
  • Insights into the process of giving big yoga events

Show Notes

3:03 Carla’s wide work spectrum

3:47 Carla’s first steps into her varied career

8:28 The hidden cruelty of acting and how Carla deals with it

14:52 Carla’s source of inner strength

16:43 Allowing yourself to change and try new things

19:22 The transformational power of yoga

23:25 The state of flow and being a channel

24:31 The fulfilment of being of service as a teacher 

27:13 The work behind hosting large yoga events

33:59 Letting business grow in flow

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