If we can trust, magic happens

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Dagmar Spremberg is a yoga teacher, holistic health counselor, and founder of MontezumaYoga, one of the first yoga retreat centers in Costa Rica. By sharing the life-changing power of yoga in her personal soul place, a small & charming fishing village in Costa Rica, she holds space for those seeking for relaxation and connection in a paradisiac environment.

As a native German working in the music industry, Dagmar followed her inner life-long call for a different life and left her home country in 1996. While living in LA and New York, she not only found her first own tribe and a feeling of true community, but also got deep into the world of yoga. After visiting Montezuma for the second time and falling for its beauty and lifestyle, Dagmar decides to follow her intuition again and bring yoga to Costa Rica, being one of the first retreats givers there. Inspired by her own journey, Dagmar’s yoga classes as well as her online programs are designed to help people trust, feel their unique wholeness and support them in taking responsibility for their life so they can create a life they love.

Take Aways

  • The wisdom of your inner voice
  • Trusting life and the role of yoga 
  • How structure is a supporter of freedom
  • The power of showing up for yourself and asking for help
  • Serving humanity by sharing your uniqueness

Show Notes

0:46 Dagmar’s early professional life 

3:47 Finding purpose & community in the USA and through yoga

5:56 Finding a new home in Costa Rica

10:13 Structure as a foundation to more flow and freedom

14:13 Dagmar’s philosophy of showing up for yourself

17:50 The power of searching the calm and tuning in

19:30 How to stay present in modern life’s circumstances

22:40 Self-acceptance and acknowledging your own wholeness

26:50 Pushing through fears to shine our light and serve others

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